State Laws & Regulations in Texas



Consumer Fireworks

Specifically permitted

All fireworks meeting requirements of CPSC and DOT Consumer Fireworks definitions, except for small rockets (less than 4 gms propellant, and casings less than 5/8 of an inch x 3 ½,” and overall length including stick of less than 1.8’’.)

Specifically prohibited

See section 2154.00 3(d).

Selling period

June 24-July 4 and December 20-January 1, May 1- May 55 (limited to further than 100 miles from TexasMexico border).

Retail sale

An annual, non-renewable, retail fireworks permit is required for each retail location, $20 fee. Expires January 31 each year. May be purchased from a licensed manufacturer, distributor or jobber.

Age of purchase

16 years

Special Effects Operator

Annual operator’s license fee in an amount not to exceed $100. Applicant must be 21 years of age and take and pass an exam, if required.

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