State Laws & Regulations in Nebraska 





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Consumer Fireworks


Novelty items, snakes, and sparklers do not require a permit to be sold in Nebraska. Gold and silver sparklers (colored sparklers prohibited) spray fountains, torches, color fire cones, star and comet type aerial shells without explosive charge, lady fingers not to exceed ⅞” in length and ⅛” in diameter, total pyrotechnic composition not to exceed 50 mg. each, color wheels and any other item approved by Fire Marshal. Samples for all fireworks must be submitted to Fire Marshal prior to sale for separate test shoot examination. Permissible fireworks list issued annually in January.

Not Permitted

Rockets, unapproved wire sparklers, nighttime parachutes, firecrackers with more than 50mg of explosive composition, and other fireworks deemed unsafe by the State Fire Marshal.

Selling period

June 25-July 5 and December 28-January 1. Local authorities may limit this period.

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