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The Premier Fundraising Partner For Non Profit Organizations and Individuals!

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Phantom Fireworks has amazing opportunities for you to raise money!

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Looking for a way to make some EXTRA CASH while having fun this summer?
  • Firework sale events have tremendous fundraising potential
  • Phantom Fireworks partners with more than 1,400 groups and individuals to help raise money
  • Fundraisers can support youth programs, scholarship awards, community aid, and other worthwhile causes as well as personal fundraising
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Phantom Fireworks provides EVERYTHING necessary for a successful fundraiser!
  • We provide the setup, training, and fireworks!
  • No need to worry about hidden costs. It's fun, simple, safe, and easy!
  • For only a couple of weeks during the summer, you can make some serious extra cash for yourself or your organization!
Phantom Fireworks will provide  EVERYTHING, including:
  • A support network of experienced personnel
  • Local orientation and training
  • ​​​The highest quality fireworks products
  • A quality location that will increase traffic
  • Credit card machines proven to increase sales
  • Premise and product-liability insurance
  • Assistance in obtaining all necessary permits and licensing
  • Hundreds of dollars in free advertising
  • Sales aids-posters, signs and price tags
  • Professional marketing and sales materials
  • Merchandise sold on a consignment basis
  • Delivery, set-up and removal of tent or stand from site location
All you need to provide are volunteers to work the fireworks stand for a 7-12 day period (depending on applicable law) and pass a background check 
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"The staff inside and out are amazing. They have never given us bad advice and are very encouraging. They make you feel like you are part of a family working together for the same cause. We were able to raise money to purchase things needed in our band room!" -SRHS MUSTANG BAND

"The proceeds from this fireworks fundraiser funds our entire yearly budget!"  -Hope Community Church

"By operating our stand with Phantom, we were able to have one main fundraiser per year and were still able to provide uniforms, gear and pay for college showcases for our athletes!" - Firecrackers LV Thomason

To learn more about selling opportunities click the following links:


*Organizations realize a substantial profit from their sales when products are sold at suggested retail. And all fireworks are on consignment, unsold items are returned to Phantom Fireworks after the 4th.