fireworks university


Welcome to Fireworks University!

Phantom Fireworks has a wide variety of firework products that are bright, colorful, and fun. Phantom carries the best quality of fireworks, and strives to ensure that they are the safest for you and your family.

Fireworks University is here to help educate you on the proper safety measures needed when lighting off fireworks. From Fountains to Rockets, Sparklers to Repeaters, whatever your choice is, we want to make sure the proper safety measures are taken so you and your family can have a safe and fun time.

Before you use any type of fireworks please take the time to go through the following safety tips provided by Phantom Fireworks. Each category below has a safety card which provides a detailed description on how to safely dispose of them. We recommend that you follow these safety rules so your event can be a safe and fun one for everyone to enjoy.


Click on a product below to see how to properly use it in a safe and enjoyable manner


500 gram repeaters

200 gram repeaters

aerial spinners

aerial tubes



ground spinners


reloadable mortars

rockets and missiles

roman candles