State Laws and Regulations of Pennsylvania



Phantom of Breezewood / Baltimore / DC

12761 Buck Valley Road Warfordsburg, PA

Phone: 717-294-6770

Phantom of Shrewsbury

616 Renaissance Drive New Freedom, PA

Phone: 717-235-2513

Phantom of Easton

400 Cedarville Road Easton, PA

Phone: 610-252-0130

Phantom of Matamoras

1023 Pennsylvania Avenue Matamoras, PA

Phone: 570-491-5770


135 Donohoe Road

Greensburg, PA 15601

Phantom of Erie / Buffalo

12266 E. Main Road North East, PA

Phone: 814-725-8180

Phantom of Upland

877 Upland Avenue Upland, PA

Phone: 610-876-6100

Phantom of Delaware Water Gap

119 Broad Street Delaware Water Gap, PA

Phone: 570-421-1121

Phantom of Monroeville

4680 Old William Penn Highway Monroeville, PA

Phone: 412-498-3190


11 Bellevue Avenue Penndel, PA

Phone: 267-282-3090

Consumer Fireworks

Specifically permitted

Consumer fireworks that comply with the construction, chemical composition and labeling requirements of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and comply with the consumer fireworks provisions of APA Standard 87-1.

Consumer Fireworks Retail Sales Requirements

Consumer Fireworks shall be sold only from facilities and temporary structures licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture. $2 million insurance requirement. Sales permitted to individuals 18 years of age and older. Permanent facilities may sell all legal consumer fireworks devices including firecrackers, bottle rockets, and reloadable aerial shell devices. Selling period is year round. Temporary structures may only sell ground and hand held sparkling devices, helicopters/aerial spinners, roman candles, and mine & shell devices not exceeding 500 grams. Selling period is June 15 – July 8 and December 21 – January 2

Consumer Fireworks Retail Sales Requirements

Consumer Fireworks shall be sold only from facilities licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture. Sales permitted to Pennsylvania residents and out-of-state residents. “Ground and hand-held sparkling devices,” “novelties,” and “toy caps” as defined in APA Standard 87-1 are not considered Consumer Fireworks under Pennsylvania Law and are therefore permitted and not regulated by the Fireworks Law. Special licensing is not required of facilities selling these items.

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