State Laws & Regulations in Oklahoma 


Consumer Fireworks

Specifically permitted

All consumer fireworks meeting the requirements of the CPSC, unless specifically prohibited. Novelties approved by U.S. DOT or deregulated by DOT.

Specifically prohibited

Skyrockets, including bottle rockets or stick rockets, M-80s, mail order sales of fireworks, and door to door sales.

As of 8/22/13, Aerial Luminaries, commonly known as Sky Lanterns, Hawaii Lanterns, Knogming Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Sky Candles, Fire Balloons or Flying Luminaries.

Selling period

June 15-July 6 & December 15-January 2 (Retail Sales) Year-round by licensed manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers.

Age of purchase

At least 12 years of age, unless with adult.

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